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A lot of people have asked me for a tutorial on how I do my coloring. I can’t really tell you there’s a right or wrong way to paint. The way you choose to color your art, in the end, will best suit your style once you figure out what you want.

But getting a little inspiration from other artists isn’t bad. I included my brush settings. Basically what I do is just use the eyedropper to pick and choose color and blend manually. The smaller the brush size the better it looks, otherwise the blending will look like a gradient and that just looks off to me. Think of it as if you were painting on a real canvas!

Don’t be afraid to use references! Drawing from real life is the best way to learn! I hope this helps a little.

zia-amani asked: May I ask what you do when it comes to motivation? I'm at a pretty bad point currently and it's causing a major art block. I haven't drawn anything for months and feel like my art is never going to amount to anything. Any advice to this mentality?




Here are a few tags that might be able to help you out! :) 

As for my own personal advice, I would say try to relax and draw some of your favorite things. Draw what youre good at, draw within your comfort zone, draw what you love. Try different mediums as well! Sometimes I have really good traditional days, and sometimes I have really good digital days, haha.

I would also suggest at looking at art that inspires you. Look at nice photos and read good writing. Listen to good music. Don’t try to force yourself to fit into any one ‘box’. I know you said you feel like your art won’t ever ‘amount’ to anything…but does it have to? Don’t try to force yourself into what you think ‘success’ should be. 

  I found a lot more personal happiness when I stopped trying to create things I thought people would like, and just started created things I liked. 

Sometimes you have to force yourself past that art block. It’s not always fun and it’s not always easy, but I’m sure you can find that love of art again. Good luck!




Livestream procaster consumes large amounts of cpu for nothing. No joke, nothing. As a result your stream can become laggy and sometimes it can damage your hardware as your PC has to push itself to keep what your streaming functioning as well as possible.

"But if we can’t use procaster what can we use insteaaaaad?"

Simple. There’s two programs, both that are free, that you can use that uses very little CPU and has more options than procaster. These programs are called Xsplit and OBS. To keep your head in one piece, I’m going to go over how to stream on Livestream with Xsplit.

Under the cut of course.

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Ok so I’ve been quiet about this for some time now, and I thought I should break that silence and make this public. (Hey other people are posting art PSA’s, this ain’t new)

We are Artists, We are many

Being a artist on Tumblr alone isnt easy. There are millions of other people  doing the exact same thing you’re doing. Amongst all of them you can be overlooked so easily. Now I am familiar with all those PSAs about not worrying about being popular and loving your own art. Thats all well and good, no ones debating that. But we artist want to share our art with the world. We want to show everyone what we can do.

The Wall

When we receive praise and love for our work, thats the best feeling in the world for us. We all have friends, fellow artists or not, that support us. But here on Tumblr, your art might not get pushed out into the crowd. For myself as an example, I get a 1 reblog for every 10 likes on something. And this is only including when I originally post it. When art post is liked, no one else sees it. Likes stay hidden and don’t appear on others dashes. (And yes, some blog themes do show likes, this I am aware)

Likes are good, but Reblogs do a lot more

When someone reblogs your art, a whole new set of people get to see it. Most of them are people who have never seen your stuff before. For example, whenever Carbines Official WIldstar Tumblr reblogs my Wildstar art, I get bombarded with likes, reblogs even follows! But before that, when I post it in the first place, not much happens. Dont get me wrong, I’m grateful I get anything, but feedback and notoriety is what keeps an artist like me going, and many others as well. Now I may understand that sometimes something someone draws isn’t your cup of tea, that’s alright! But even if you show a little interest, a reblog does a world of difference.

Support your friends, Support those who care

I know this is all sounding a little preachy, but it’s something I needed to get off my chest. There are no complaints, there are no orders, just a call out from all us artists. From the big and professional, to the small and unseen. We all want to share our art with the world, and it can all begin with a reblog.

( I dont think I need to say that everyone should reblog this, it goes without saying no?)

reblogging for  awareness

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Sushio’s design sheet for Ryuuko’s footwear.

Anonymous asked: How do you draw poses?? You're art is always so great, I want to learn how to draw from you so badly!!!


wow thank you so much! This past year my drawing teacher taught us a technique that really improved my figures. Using this technique (and practicing it a LOT) I’ve been able to draw poses a lot easier. Once you get  a general idea of how the body works, you can use your knowledge to pose it however you want. 

This isn’t how he taught it to us verbatim, but here’s how I’ve been using it. Now keep in mind I was taught by someone who knows a LOT more than I do, so if these tips don’t make sense, feel free to ask me to elaborate!!! They make sense to me because I learnt from someone who was able to explain in much more detail, but in the end I’m regurgitating them short hand, so they may not be helpful. 




Now, I tend to make my ribcage too thin towards the end, and my hips too wide, but the general rule is they should be the same width, and the ribcage area should taper as it goes down. 

Also, you can include the line for the pecs / end of ribcage to give your torso’s more shape. 

What I drew above is the male torso / pelvis. I’ll go into the female pelvis / torso a bit further down. 


as you can see, the spine placement is similar to the neck placement. 

The thigh and the calves should be the same length. I have to double check myself often because I tend to make my calves too long and my thighs too short :p 

As you continue to practice these figures, you’ll find you may make similar mistakes, so youll know what to look out for :) 


when the legs are bent (this goes for arms as well) sometimes it helps to fill in the gap between the two segments with a dotted line. This can help prevent you from making the gap  (and your limbs) too long. 


Here’s a REALLY shitty way of drawing the back. To be quite frank I never practiced this enough, so I’m kinda crap at it. But I figured I’d draw it anyway. 

The female torso is more shapely than the male torso, but one thing my teacher didn’t cover that I want to emphasize is you can combine any and all elements to make your figure. A female body does not have to have this much va-voom. He really tried to pound into me that my female figures didn’t have enough emphasis on hips , but I took that with a grain of salt :p 

I hope these tips help! Feel free to come back with any questions you may have c: 

Heres some advice i posted on my personal, in case anyone was curious on my personal method for drawing figures :P

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I’m always looking for ways to make art cheaper with the kids, that’s why I was so excited to find this roundup of some of the best homemade paint recipes for kids from across the blogosphere!